Arrive On Campus Prepared and In the Best Shape of Your Life

  • Designed for College Athletes who are home during winter and summer breaks
  • Maintain the intensity of your college weight room
  • Gain the extra edge from professional coaches
  • Be the best shape of your life and dominate your conditioning test
  • Have the confidence knowing you worked while the competition took time off
  • Train with other college athletes in a focused environment

Here is How the Program Works

What Other College Athletes Are Saying

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “Who is this program for?”

A: This program is specifically designed for current college athletes who want to be faster, stronger, pain-free, and getter better for when they return to school. Our main goal of this program is to provide athletes a professional training environment that is an extension of their college programs with other dedicated college athletes that have similiar goals. We have trained all levels and sports.

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Q: “When do sessions start?”

A: You can start the program anytime and we have college athletes that train all year-round. Our most popular college sessions are May through August, and over Holiday Breaks. All you need to do is setup your Free Trial workout to get started!

Q: “What times do the workouts take place?”

A: The College training sessions take place Monday thru Saturday. All sessions have a set start and end time and are 100% coached. Exact times vary, but during the summer there is typically a morning and evening session to accomodate athlete day jobs.

Q: “How long are the workouts?”

A: Each training session is between 60-75 minutes. Each session includes: a dynamic warm-up, speed & agility training, power development, strength training & conditioning. We never waste time and are maximizing every minute our athletes are in the gym.

Q: “Where is the facility located?”

A: We have 2 conveniently located facilities in the Grand Rapids area (North and East). PowerStrength North is on 4 Mile just west of Alpine. PowerStrength East is located on East Paris, near the corner of 52nd Street.

North – 919 Alpine Commerce Park NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544

East – 5131 East Paris Ave SE, Kentwood, MI 49512


Q: “Does your program also include nutrition coaching?”

A: Yes! We will provide you with nutrition guidelines that will help instill good nutrition habits so you can fuel your body to be at your best. These were designed by our certified nutrition coach and are included in our College memberships. College athletes also have access to free InBody Analysis testing if they prefer.

Q: “How many sessions per week should I come to?”

A: Athletes should train at least 3 times per week. Most of our college athletes are in the gym 3-5 sessions per week during the summer. This consistency allows for the best results.

Q: “How many other athletes are there in each session?”

A: In college sessions we aim to have 8 athletes (minimum) per coach in the gym at all times in order to create an optimal session and keep high attention to detail.

Q: “If I have a summer workout to follow from my team can I still train at PSTS?”

A: Absolutely! Our professionally programmed and coached sessions are very similiar to most quality college programs. We include everything a college athlete needs to be successful in their own weight rooms and to compete on game day. The focused, PSTS environment is what our College athletes like the best as they compete and push one another daily.

Q: “What are the memberships and what is the cost?”

A: College Memberships have Unlimited access of up to 6 sessions per week. Training, Coaching, Nutrition Guidelines, Peformance Testing, InBody Testing, and daily guidance is all included at the rate of $269 per month.