Special Services

In addition to our personal training options for Youth, High School, and College athletes, PowerStrength also provides specialty services for select populations. These are listed below.

If interested in any of these services, please e-mail Info@powerstrengthpro.com to learn more!

Specialized High School Football Combine Training

“Drop a tenth in 10 minutes!”¬†

Dominate your Combine tests and stand out to recruiters by completing our specific Combine Training Program designed for high school football players. No gimmicks, just proven techniques to gain confidence when performing the drills. ¬†*Seasonal program – don’t miss out!

NFL Combine Training and Performance Program 

College players looking to prepare for their NFL Combines, Pro Day, or professional try-outs. Athletes and agents should directly contact Info@powerstrengthpro.com for further program details.

Professional Athlete Training

Local or visiting professional athletes should directly contact Info@powerstrengthpro.com for training options and details.

Coaching Education and Program Development

Interested in partnering with PowerStrength to direct your High School athlete development programs? Have PowerStrength lead sessions on-site, professionally deliver all your programs, and/or help educate staff and coaches to create a powerful training culture! Email Mark@powerstrengthpro.com to learn more and create a customized option that’s best suited for you and your school’s needs.

Team Training for Club/Travel/AAU Organizations

Have your entire team or club train at PowerStrength! Inquire for team discounts and training options.

Adult Fitness and Coaching Programs

Parents or adults interested in our coaching and fitness programs can view our adult memberships and options here –> Adult Fitness and Performance