Female soccer player gets faster, drops a tenth of a second!

Reese Nething of Caledonia earned Athlete of the Month! Reese is an 8th-grade soccer player and she has been training at PowerStrength for almost a full year now. Since the winter, she progressed to training in our high school sessions and trains 2x per week. She even trains in the midst of soccer season. ⚽️ […]

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Can you Be a Pro Middle School Athlete?

My favorite brick on our PSTS Core Value Pyramid is, ‘Be A Pro’. Mark and the team came up with the PowerStrength Value Pyramid right around 2014. When I initially saw it, one brick stuck out above the rest. ‘Be A Pro’.                   This was also during […]

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Speed and Agility Camp For Youth ‘Little Beasts’

The stuff our Director of Youth Development, Cam White, and the crew have been doing with the youth of West Michigan is game-changing! We currently have a speed and agility camp going on now! We have fun learning not only about training and being a better athlete- but how to be truly “strong” as an […]

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